Coexistence of paralytic dementia and vascular syphilis

Neurology Department, University Hospital, loannina Greece. Head: Ass. Prof. G. Lagos We analysed the case of a 55 year old female patient who had confusion episodes,memory and behavior disturbances, trasient extremities palsies and restriction of social activities, for twelve years. The cause of the last admission was a four-day period confusion after an episode consience loss and her neurologic symptoms. We put the diagnosis of paralytic dementia by patients history, clinical features and results in CSF and serum.

Her primary syphilis was, least, before 26 years, that was the age of her son, who was also seropositive for syphilis.
Both of them began and completed therapy for syphilis. Differential diagnosis between meningovascular syphilis and paralytic dementia is attempted.

Key words: Neurosyphilis, Dementia, Cerebral stroke.