Work and unemployment: Psychological problems
*Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Work Burnout is world wide known to-day αs a problematic psychological situation connected with work, which is mainly found among highly ranking personnel, among unemployed but also among workers of dangerous vocations.

Psychotherapeutic and preventive programs are described for the purpose.

With the worldwide economic crises today, unemployment becomes one more factor producing psychological problems like depression, panic crises etc. to the person and his family. Ways of coping with such problems are discussed.

One particular programme of preventing work burnout with people working with autistic children in "a Centre for Child Development and Education" in Athens is presented and discussed. Finally, such interesting projects of the effects of unemployment are discussed, and carried out, in USA. and in Finland. Encephalos 2010, 47(4):176-180.

Key words: Unemployment, psychological problems.